Courage vs Genius

Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius
— Peter Thiel

Entrepreneurship comes in a variety of formulas, shapes and sizes, but lacks the quality of fear. There will never be a next Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) for a social networking company or Larry Page (Google) for a search engine company. Those break-through movements in technology or business only happen once. 

The idea is that we all have great ideas or know someone with one. Start with finding your strengths and how you fit into the process. Take steps in learning to trust yourself. Develop the courage to share your thoughts and ideas. Forget the judgments and doubtful opinions that have been spoken over you. Embrace the process and know it will take relentless trial and error to see the idea through. 

Genius will never take the place of courage. An idea will only travel as far as you let it. Let go and take action on whatever or wherever you feel an idea leading you.